The Sheriff is the principal peace officer of the county; duties include summoning jurors, serving subpoenas, executing writs, custodian of county jail and transport of individuals by court order.

  Madison County, Iowa - Sheriff

24 hour County wide Communications Center - Enhanced 911 (Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue)
Contract Law Enforcement for the Communities of St. Charles and Truro
K-9: Tracking and Drugs
Madison County Jail - 12 beds: Visitation is on Sundays from 1:00PM to 5:00PM.  Visitors must be 18 years of age and have a current photo ID. Registration is first come. Special visit requests should be directed to the Jail administrator or Sheriff.
The Sheriff is the principal peace officer of the county; duties include:
Summons grand jurors and trial jurors
May call any person to his aid, and when necessary summons the power of the county
Serves subpoenas and other notices and levies on property when a judgment has been secured
Executes and returns all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority
Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law
Transport individuals to locations as directed by court order


What are Methamphetamines?
Strong central nervous system stimulant
Powerful interactive effect upon pleasure centers in the brain
Street names include crank, meth, speed, uppers, ice

What do they look like?
Pure methamphetamine is white, odorless and bitter tasting
Street meth (impure) can appear as powder, lumps, chunks
Street meth can be brown, yellow, pinkish, reddish in color

What are the physical effects and risks?
Rapid weight loss due to decreased appetite
Increase heart rate and increased blood pressure
Shakes, twitching, dilated pupils
Seizures and strokes
Heart problems
Skin problems
Deterioration of the teeth

What are the psychological effects and risks?
Sense of power/well being
Very talkative
Depression (suicidal thinking)
Repetitive behaviors
Delusions & psychosis
Memory problems

Why do young people become users and abusers?
Use of other substances
Peer Pressure
Sense of invulnerability

Prepaid Inmate Phone Account image
Information about Prepaid Phone Accounts for Inmates

Photograph of Jason Barnes
Sheriff Jason Barnes

Address of
Sheriff's office:
1012 N John Wayne Drive
PO Box 517
Winterset, IA 50273

Phone Number:
(515) 462-3575

FAX Number:
(515) 462-3684

For All Law Enforcement, Fire and Ambulance Emergencies:
Dial 911

Employees in the
Sheriff's office:

Linda Barker, Civil Clerk

Clayton Allen, Chief Deputy

Kory Heckstein, Sergeant

Don Kinney, Deputy
Chad Hollerud, Deputy
Justin Edwards, Deputy
Ryne Little, Deputy
Wayne Keeler, Deputy

Angela Henry, CAD/911 Coordinator

Cindy Morrison
Betsy Snyder
Rochell Bernlohr

Steve Niblo, Jail Administrator

Becci Berry
Laura Hunter

Sheriff's Forms and
Sheriff's Sales:
Downloadable forms used in the Sheriff's office

Sheriff's Office Levy & Sale Information

Sheriff's Links:

Iowa Sex Offender Registry


Iowa State Sheriffs & Deputies Association (ISSDA)

Other Related Links:
Iowa Courts Online

National Sex Offender Registry

Sexual Assault Outreach Information

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Madison County Sheriff's vehicles

Mercy1 Ford Interceptor